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How to Recover After Heavy Storms Strike

Going through an extreme weather situation like tornadoes is overwhelming and scary, and there is often a process that comes with recovery. While you never know where the storms are going to do their most damage, and the spots that will go untouched, when you find yourself in the middle of one, you immediately want to recover and be prepared for the next one. Here are a few ways to help you recover after storms strike your area.

Check Shelters to Make Sure They Didn’t Get Damaged

In order to be protected from the storms that will come through in the future, you will want to check and make sure your shelters didn’t get compromised in the previous tornadoes. You can either do this yourself or you can have the professionals at Camo Excavation do an inspection. If you don’t think your current shelter is getting the job done as well as you would like, consider an upgrade so that you are confident next time there are tornadoes.

Review Your Storm Plan with Your Family

After tornadoes come through and everyone is safe and sound, you will want to put this time behind you and move forward. However, it can also be a good idea to review where everyone was during the storms and what their strategy was to find safety. This way you can tweak any parts that needs to be done to make it more efficient next time it happens.

Improve Your Landscape

When tornadoes come through and you look at the damage, it can break your heart. However, finding strength is something that communities do when storms come through, and you can get started by calling in the experts to handle the dirt work for you. Get an excavation team to come out and improve the damage that was caused by high winds and rolling debris, and get your property looking like home again.

Speak with Your Neighbors

While heavy storms can be troubling and cause damage, one thing they often do is bring a community together. You can speak with your neighbors about how they handled the situation and find out if they have shelters, and other ways they stay protected. Exchanging tips like these not only give you more knowledge and new safety ideas, but they can help you feel that you are not alone in the recovery process. 


Who Can Benefit From Storm Shelters?

Going through a dangerous storm can make you realize how vital shelters are for protecting you and those around when the winds are high and debris is in the air. However, if you have never experienced storms like these, you may wonder who can benefit from shelters and why they invest in them. Here we look at a few people that find value in being ready when tornadoes and high winds strike, as well as a few other services that they utilize from the installation company. 

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If you own a business or manage commercial property, then you have probably had professionals come out and provide dirt work. However, some companies that have services for excavation may also install shelters. Businesses that have shelters on site give employees piece of mind that they will have a safe place to go when tornadoes are in the area. Not only does it make the employee feel safe, but it makes them feel appreciated and that can go a long way. 


Whether you want to protect friends and family, or you have a rental house that you would like to have a safety feature for, shelters are a wise investment for homeowners. Not only will you sleep better at night knowing that you have a safe place to go if a heavy storm comes through, but you will add value to your home. 

Proactive Individuals

If you are someone that likes to be prepared for anything, then you will rest easy knowing that you have a strategy in place when storms come through. You will have options for the storm shelter that you want from size to above ground options. You can also look at the safe rooms and the underground options to find the one that makes sense for you and your plan for when you storms come through. 

People Located in High-Storm Locations

If you are located in an area that is notorious for having heavy storms and tornadoes, then you will want to look at the selection of storm shelters to find the best one. The shelters are durable, and when you get an installation from a professional, you will find that they have the lasting features you should expect from a secure shelter. These are just a few of the people that can benefit from a storm shelter, and if you want to learn more, be sure you reach out to a professional. 

4 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Storm Shelter

Preparing for storms and extreme weather conditions is something that people do matter what region they live in, and if you live in the Fort Worth area, you know that while it’s beautiful here, there is also a risk for tornadoes, high winds, and much more. One of the best methods to be ready when bad weather strikes is to invest in a storm shelter, and here are a few reasons why.  

#1: Storms Are Unpredictable 

You never know when a storm is going to hit or how extreme it’s going to be. Even with all of the technology that we have these days, winds are unpredictable and you may have to find shelter at a moments notice. Hiring a skilled excavation team that understands the equipment and materials that it takes to build a strong underground cellar, as well as the importance of quality work, will ensure you’re ready when severe weather comes with little warning. 

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#2: Durable Shelters Are Available 

If you don’t think that there are durable shelters out there that can protect you and your family from tornadoes, think again! Between the premium materials and the experts that understand the regulations such as FEMA requirements, you’ll discover that underground shelters are more reliable than you realize. Plus, you’ll have different options so that you find the best shelter for your particular home and goals. 

#3: Added Safety for You and Your Family

Having additional protection for you and your family is a priority for many of us, and an underground shelter will help you rest easy knowing that you have somewhere safe to go in a moments notice. Staying on top of safety precautions for your home is always a wise investment, and a shelter is the ultimate way to protect against the weather. 

#4: Other Services Are Available

When the excavation company comes to your home to begin construction, find out what they can do for you outside of the building a shelter. In many case they can handle all dirt work, landscaping, trenching, demolition, and beyond. This can save you a lot of time and energy when searching for services such as these. When you invest in a storm shelter, you can improve your peace of mind, safety, and your family will thank you that they have a place to go when the weather makes unpredictable shifts. 

Dozens of Tornados Serve to Remind

This week, the confirmed touchdown of dozens of EF-1 and EF-2 tornadoes from Oklahoma to Minnesota serve to remind everyone that tornadoes are NOT just a southern thing. A common misunderstanding is that tornadoes only happen in the south. While they are statistically more common in the south, only five of the top ten states experiencing tornadoes are considered “southern” states (Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama, and Mississippi). Of the dozens of reported tornadoes this week, more than half were north of Arkansas. This means that tornado shelters and safe rooms are a viable consideration for families located in the northern portion of the midwest.

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Additionally, a majority of the reported storms were only EF-1 and EF-2. While these types of storms are not known to cause the kind of widespread damage and injury that most people associate with tornado activity, they are substantial enough to warrant the use of a safe room or shelter in order to ensure the safest possible outcome for any family.

Let these storms remind you of the importance of preparedness in the event of any storm. Storm shelters are an important component to that preparedness so that you and your family can be safe come what may.

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