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Tornado Safe Rooms in the Fort Worth Area

fort worth tornado safe rooms

No matter what other preparations you make for catastrophic events, the most important choice you will make is the choice of installing a tornado safe room. One quality constructed tornado safe room could mean the difference between life and death for you and your family. Don’t trust the lives of your loved ones to just a basement or cellar. Invest in a truly safe place to weather the storm.

Did you know that the highest wind speed recorded in a tornado was 319 mph? That twister caused an amazing amount of damage to the Moores/Oklahoma City area. Buildings were demolished, people were killed, pets were dead or missing, and the recovery from something like that will take years. A tornado safe room designed to withstand up to 450 mph winds would have saved lives if each home and business owner had invested in one.

What is a Tornado Safe Room?

A tornado safe room is a site-assembled, above ground tornado or storm shelter. These rooms can be placed inside a garage or just outside your home. They have been tested and certified to meet or exceed the FEMA requirements for storm shelters. You can be prepared the next time a tornado or hurricane warning is announced. Simply take your family and pets into your tornado safe room and wait out the storm in safety and comfort.

What should you look for in a tornado safe room?

There are several criteria to consider when purchasing and having a tornado safe room installed. Do not buy a safe room unless it meets these 6 important requirements:

  • Tested to withstand wind speeds higher than the highest recorded tornado speeds
  • Able to be installed inside or within close reach to be accessed quickly.
  • Must have 3 or more door latches.
  • Must be securely anchored to prevent being knocked over or blown away in a tornado.
  • Do not purchase a tornado safe room that uses expansion type anchor bolts.
  • An easily operated door is imperative for quick access when a storm is approaching.
  • Door locks must be designed and operate in a manner that doesn’t allow anyone to be locked in or locked out.

When you are under a tornado warning you may not have time to head to a community shelter. Gather your pets and family and secure yourselves in your own certified tornado safe room to wait out the storm. Pre-preparation for tornadoes means storing your important documents as well as irreplaceable items in your tornado safe room along with your storm supplies of food, water and flashlights. Being prepared means that when a warning is issued all you have to do is get the family and pets into the tornado safe room as quickly as possible and securing the door!

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