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Underground Tornado Shelters in Fort Worth

What is the first thing you learned about what to do when a tornado warning is issued? For many, the first thing is to seek secure shelter. This may mean a basement or cellar to some people. The problem with this is that most houses in Fort Worth don’t have a proper basement. So when the need to hunker down in anticipation of a tornado is felt by those who live in and around Fort Worth, an underground storm shelter is a very real consideration. An underground storm shelter takes the idea of a basement or cellar and expands on it with an easily accessible entrance through your existing garage, home, or just outside your door. It’s a great solution to the absence of basements in Fort Worth and surrounding areas.

The safety of your family and pets is foremost at the top of your mind when facing a tornado. Many people in tornado prone areas have a supply of food, first aid supplies, water and flashlights stored in their home in case of a tornado. But without a dedicated and sturdy underground storm shelter those supplies could be blown away or buried beneath debris. Why not stock your irreplaceable items and storm supplies inside your underground storm shelter permanently? This way if a tornado hits Fort Worth, all you have to do is get the family inside the shelter and rest easily while you wait for the all clear.

What should you look for in a Fort Worth underground storm shelter?

The key thing to remember in the event of a catastrophic tornado or hurricane is that while the winds may destroy your home above ground, all that debris flying around is going to land somewhere. This is why simply going to the basement or cellar is not a good idea, you could be crushed. A Fort Worth underground storm shelter provides protection from debris as well as keeping you from being blown away.

Look for these features in an underground storm shelter:

Steel construction for complete protection. No less than ¼” steel plate doors. Sliding door system for easy access. Rust resistance. Built in steps and seating for ease of access and comfort. Built in ventilation is a must because being trapped in an underground storm shelter without air would be just as bad as being exposed to the tornado. A back door that releases from the inside. Should meet or exceed FEMA requirements for storm shelters.

An underground storm shelter provides residents of Fort Worth with a safe place to wait for the tornado threat to be over. While your home may be damaged your loved ones will be safe, warm, dry and if you’ve remembered to stock your underground storm shelter, you’ll have food, water and light! Don’t wait until the unthinkable happens; purchase an underground storm shelter today.

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