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Tornado Safe Rooms and Shelters in Fort Worth

When there is bad weather coming to the Fort Worth area what do you do to prepare? Do you gather food and water, flashlights and batteries? Most people do. But where do you put these supplies? If a tornado comes and destroys your house where will your family and your storm supplies be? Many people assume that a basement or cellar (a rarity in Fort Worth) is adequate protection from hurricanes and tornadoes. Sadly, many people are wrong. Storing your supplies in an above ground storm shelter would be the best, that way when your family takes shelter, the supplies you may need are there, safe and sound with you.

Are you prepared for a tornado that may hit Fort Worth? Even if your home has a basement or cellar, it is unlikely that a basement or cellar is going to protect your family from a storm that can pick up tractor-trailers and demolish homes? Tornadoes are often unpredictable and chaotic. Your best bet to protect your family is to invest in a tornado safe room. This room may be either an underground storm shelter or an above ground storm shelter, but what matters most is that it is constructed to withstand even a category 5 hurricane or tornado. Sure, you could always run to the basement, but that is not always enough protection. To ensure the safety of you and your family, a storm cellar or other form of underground tornado shelter is a wise investment in Fort Worth.

Storm Shelters That Give You Peace of Mind

Did you know that FEMA has a set of standards called FEMA 320 requirements? These requirements have been established to make sure that tornado safe room construction includes testing and specific engineering to make them safe and reliable for under or above ground storm shelter protection.

Whether your choice of tornado safe room is above ground or underground it needs to be able to withstand 300+ mph winds that may hit Fort Worth. Our tornado safe room options not only meet, but exceed the FEMA 320 requirements.

While we all hope that our family will never have to face the devastation of a tornado or hurricane, the peace of mind that comes from having a truly safe room is immeasurable. Being prepared for a catastrophic event in or around Fort Worth involves more than having food and flashlights stored away. If your goal is to protect your family and pets you need to have a specific, well-constructed and sturdy storm cellar.

There have been entire communities demolished by tornados and Fort Worth has experienced its fair share of tornado damage. If the people in those homes and businesses had just gathered in a basement they may have been crushed by debris. If they hid in a bathtub they may have been carried away, sometimes several miles. If those people had a tornado safe room they would be able to emerge after the danger had passed and begun rebuilding. It is not a matter of cutting corners or saving money when it comes to the lives of your family members. Invest in a quality underground storm shelter today and choose a company that is local to Fort Worth.

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